Written by Rachel Atkins
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How long was the fight for women’s suffrage? Join
the 72 year battle that won half of America’s
citizens the right to vote.

Recommended Age:
4th Grade through


Civil Rights
US Constitution
US History
Asian American
World War II
Multi Cultural
Creative Writing
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Television - Film
The Story

Jessie is the daughter of a Political columnist from Tennessee, growing up in
Washington, DC during the early 1900s with dreams of being as important to her
father as her younger brother is. When her Great-Aunt Charlotte, a longtime
suffragist, comes to Washington, she introduces Jessie to the movement. Jessie begins
to learn about the history of the women who started the movement, such as Susan B.
Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the new generation who have continued the
fight, like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns--and those who oppose it, including her own
parents. Despite their objections, Jessie soon becomes deeply involved in the suffrage
movement, comparing their fight for democracy to the one her brother Will stands for
when he goes overseas as a soldier in World War I. As tragedy strikes both at home
and abroad and the battle for the vote continues to escalate, everyone in Jessie's
family must face their own decisions about what they believe is right and the actions
they are willing to take on this pivotal issue.