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"All men are
created equal."
was a dangerous
idea. No
government ever
made such an
idea the
cornerstone of its
Recommended Age:
4th Grade through

US History
World History
Multi Cultural
Civil Rights
Creative Writing
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The Story
Peter Freeman is growing up as a free black in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in
the 1770s. When the colonial conflict with the British government reaches his
town of Concord, Peter and his family find themselves at the heart of the battle.
While Peter’s father joins the patriot militia, his brother goes to sea and is stolen
by privateers and sold South into slavery. And by the time the colonies declare
their independence, Peter and his brother find themselves on opposite sides of a
war, where they are each forced to face the question: whose liberty am I fighting
for? Walk in the footprints of a soldier in the Continental Army during the
American Revolution as he struggles to find a place for himself during the birth of
both a new country and a new people —the first generation of African-Americans
in the United States of America.

Written by Rachel Atkins
Our Revolution is the
story of one of many common citizens who fought
to bring these five words to life. Words that have
even greater meaning to a African American soldier
in 1776.