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One family escapes oppression in the old country
and sails to a new life in the new world. But what
happens to those stranded at Ellis Island?
Experience the struggle to escape oppression and
discover life at Ellis Island during its busiest years,
and the fears and dreams of every hopeful
American immigrant.
Recommended Age:
K through University/Corporate.


US History
Russian History
Jewish History
Multi Cultural
Creative Writing
Theatre / Drama
Media /
Television - Film

Leah is a ten year old Russian Jewish girl growing up in a shtetl in the Pale of Settlement
at the turn of the 20th century, who dreams of going to school like all of her brothers.
When her oldest brother deserts the Czar’s army, Leah’s parents reveal a plan for the
whole family to escape to America. Leah and her family face a long and risky journey,
through Russia to their ship in Germany, and across the Atlantic Ocean to the New York
Harbor. But when Leah alone is detained at Ellis Island, she must confront her biggest
obstacle yet: what if she is sent back?
Written by Rachel Atkins